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Our flour brands have set industry standards for quality, so you know everything you make will be delicious when you use the best flours available.

Azteca Milling manufactures, distributes, and markets MASECA® and stone ground MASA -MIXTA® corn masa flours, and we distribute and market SELECTA® wheat flour, GRUMA’s premier wheat flour brand in Mexico. All three brands are widely recognized, strongly preferred, and are leaders in their respective categories. We manufacture over 50 types of corn masa flour used in both traditional and non-traditional applications in the tortilla, snack, and bakery industries.

Both our MASECA® and stone ground MASA-MIXTA® brand flours have set industry standards for quality and consistency in the preparation of taco shells, tostadas, chips, extruded and baked snack foods, and other related corn products such as tamales and taquitos. We can provide you with products in quantities ranging from 22.7 kilo (50 lbs.) bags, totes (1,500-2,200 lbs.), or retail two-kilo (4.4 lb.) bags.


MASECA® is synonymous with corn tortillas and can also be used to make tamales, enchiladas, pupusas, atoles, and many other authentic Mexican, Central American, and South American dishes.


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Available on the West coast, MASA-MIXTA® is a high quality corn masa flour with a long history of tradition.


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SELECTA® is an extra-fine, all-purpose wheat flour made from specially selected wheat and processed according to the most demanding quality standards.


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How would you like an ingredient that cuts your costs and expands the shelf life of your products?

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Our plants produce more than 50 varieties of corn masa flour to address and satisfy our customers’ every need.

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