Does Azteca Milling offer stock?

While Azteca Milling is a privately owned partnership, its ultimate parent GRUMA S.A.B de C.V. offers stock on the Mexican Stock exchange with ADRs available on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) under the symbol GMK.

Does Azteca Milling invest in technology?

Yes. Azteca Milling has allocated an important share of its earnings to researching and developing new technologies. This philosophy has made Azteca Milling the leader of the corn masa flour industry with a technology 100% its own.

What are Azteca Milling's strategic guidelines
as an enterprise?

  • To offer quality products and services
  • To understand and meet our customers needs
  • To strengthen significantly the value of our brands through efficient and effective marketing, distribution and customer service efforts
  • To strengthen our competitive advantages through technological and market research
  • To become active in those markets where long-term added values can be achieved through economies of scale 

Does Azteca Milling sell tortilla-making machinery?

Although Azteca Milling doesn't directly sell tortilla-making machinery, the company can provide you with contacts to coordinate the purchase of the right equipment for your business. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Who founded Azteca Milling?

The same entrepreneur who founded GRUMA over 50 years ago: Mr. Roberto González Barrera, current Chairman of the Board of Grupo Maseca. Mr. González Barrera's vision made possible the creation and development of the most important corn masa flour firm in the world.

Does Azteca Milling offer any other services?

Yes. Azteca Milling offers all of our clients on-site technical support at no additional cost. We can also schedule seminars and training tailored to our customer’s needs. Additionally, Azteca Milling offers customers its expertise on the Hispanic market.

How does Azteca Milling manufacture corn
masa flour?

The industrial production of corn masa flour involves the nixtamalization, grinding, and drying of corn.

In a continuous process, lime, corn and water are mixed and heated. The corn cooks for several minutes; this corn cooked in lime is known as nixtamal. Nixtamal is then washed to remove excess lime and steeped before it is ground. The ground particles are dried very quickly at high temperatures, then cooled and sifted. Large particles are re-ground and sifted again to achieve the final particle size resulting in corn masa flour. Finished flour stored in silos is later packaged in paper bags. This entire process is subject to strict quality controls and sanitary manufacturing practices.

What are Azteca Milling brands and products?

Azteca Milling's brands are MASECA and MASA-MIXTA corn masa flours, SELECTA wheat flour, and JUANA corn flour. Our products include over 50 different types of corn masa flours and specialty products, such as our exclusive Pre-Gelatinized Corn Flour.

Does Azteca Milling have any quality
process certifications?

Azteca Milling is the first corn milling company in the United States to achieve and maintain ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certifications and the American Institute of Baking Certification. In March 2002, Azteca Milling achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification, a new designation only given to those companies who meet the world's highest standards of manufacturing practices. Our plants also comply with the certification standards necessary to certify our corn masa flour as Kosher.

What are Azteca Milling’s products?

Azteca Milling produces over 50 types of corn masa flour for a multitude of traditional applications including corn tortillas, taco and tostada shells, tamales, pupusas, and atoles; snack food applications for baked or extruded items such as tortilla chips, corn chips, and crackers; and non-traditional applications in the bakery industry.

Why was Azteca Milling founded?

Azteca Milling was founded in 1977 due to the need for quality corn masa flour in the United States. Since then, the company has become the leading firm in the industry thanks to our broad variety of quality products and our free on-site technical support.

What is Azteca Milling's experience?

Azteca Milling is a division of GRUMA (Grupo Maseca or Maseca Group), the world's largest producer of corn masa flour. GRUMA has over 37 registered patents for the production of corn masa flour and the production of corn and flour tortillas. GRUMA began operations over half a century ago in Mexico, and Azteca Milling is fortunate to benefit from this experience.

Who is Azteca Milling, L.P.?

Azteca Milling is the largest and most experienced producer of corn masa flour in the country, with an extensive client list in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East.