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Myth: Corn tortillas are fattening


  • At only 50 calories each, corn tortillas are low in fat and sodium. They are also free of sugar and cholesterol.
  • When combined with other healthy foods (i.e. beans, lean meats, and vegetables), they are part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Myth: Corn tortillas have low nutritional value

  • Due to the nixtamalization process, the calcium content of corn tortillas is especially high. Six tortillas contain more calcium than a cup of milk.
  • Corn tortillas are high in dietary fiber, which can help prevent heart disease and colon cancer. According to the FDA and the Institute of Medicine, six tortillas provide over 35% of the recommended daily fiber intake for adults.

Myth: Corn tortillas aren’t recommended as part of a balanced diet

  • The INSP recommends corn tortillas as a source of carbohydrates for diabetics.
  • The Department of Health advocates eating corn tortillas as a source of dietary fiber and calcium.